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"Tambatan hati"

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"Tambatan Hati" 1 -

Keep the self-esteem of Alumni on par with the university

    • Reunion programmes such as Majlis Pautan Mesra and Titian Alumni.
    • Reunion programmes/silatulrahim between Alumni and society at large.
    • Reunion programmes / silatulrahim gathering / wacana between ALUMNI - JPSIU (UMS)-Society.
    • ‘Alumni Day’ programme to be held on 24th November every year as a carnival in the campus.
  • To form Alumni chapters and appoint a chairperson for every chapter.
    • West Malaysia
    • Sarawak
    • Labuan
    • Sabah
    • Overseas
  • Official visiting and activities will be sponsored by each chapter annually.
  • Group sports activities such as golf, football, tennis, etc and cultural activities such as Gala dinner etc

"Tambatan Hati" 2 -


Instil a sense of connectedness and belonging through Alumni flyers such as ‘nurani’ and ‘sanubari’

    • Publish UMS Alumesra  magazines on a regular basis to inform and update the members with the latest information and current issues. Send the hard copies to the Alumni at their current address.
  • The magazine is too be wrapped up with plastic cover and to be printed the name and and address of the Alumni.
  • At the back of this paper there will be a form for publication at least once a year.
    • Acknowledgement receipt
    • Updating the latest addresses
    • Offer to danate
  • Information for the Alumni through bulletin, official portal, website, facebook, twitter,email etc



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