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Bursar Circular


Bil 1/2011 University Malaysia Sabah 2012 and 2013 Preparation and Expenditure Proposal Upload
Bil 2/2011 Universiti Malaysia Sabah staff salary payment date  for the year 2011 Upload
Bil 3/2011 University Malaysia Sabah Telecommunication Facility Rules Upload
Bil 4/2011 University Malaysia Sabah Guideline for rate and claim condition, Allowances. Facilities and Payment Due to Official Officer Duties Upload
Bil 5/2011 UMS f Individual & Various Preliminary Employees Guideline Upload
Bil 6/2011 UMS Financial & Accounting Rules (Power, Control Expenditure, Budgeting & Procurement) 2010 Upload
Bil 7/2011 University Malaysia Sabah Trust Account Management / guidelines Upload