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Public Private Research Network (PPRN)



  • ​Public-Private Research Network (PPRN) provides a platform for the industries / companies that have issues / problems towards technical improvements in products or processes in the company and meeting themup  with experts / researchers from higher education institutions and public research institutions that have the potential to resolve issues / problems with effective duration of time and cost.




1. Open to all registered businesses in Malaysia, which has annual sales exceeding RM50,000;

2. Problems / issues must be clear and technical in nature / technology for the purpose of improvement and value addition (problem management /     marketing / purchasing off - the- shelve solution such as the purchase of machinery and product / purchase facility / asset will not be considered)

3. Problem in the shape of clinical / consultation / certification will not be considered

4. Product or process in question / need improvements have been commercialized and are on the market (basic research / exploratory / products still in     the development phase and not yet commercialized will not be considered ;

5. Priority is given to projects that can be completed within a period of six ( 6 ) months and not later than 12 months ;

6. KPT will finance part of the project cost and industry / company should be prepared to also co-finance the project costs