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Accomplishment of “MYAGROSIS FKAL”

Friday, May 20, 2016 - A total of 42 lecturers and 11 administrative staffs have successfully completed the "MYAGROSIS FKAL" site to represent the Faculty of International Finance Labuan, FKAL. This program is carried out to preserve the environment and ecosystems in accordance with the Universiti Malaysia Sabah's vision which is to become the first eco-friendly campus in Malaysia.

The accomplishment of "MYAGROSIS FKAL" site was led by Associate Professor Dr. Syed Nasir Syed Zainol Abidin, the Dean of the Faculty of International Finance Labuan. The "MYAGROSIS FKAL" site is located in front of the Lecture Hall, DK3. Among the plants that are grown consists of durian tree, soursop, lime, lemon, sugar apple, tapioca, coconut and some types of vegetables such as lemongrass, okra, tomatoes, chili and ginger.


Photo: Some of the FKAL’s staffs are hoeing and loosening the soil in order to plant the trees and vegetables for the "MYAGROSIS FKAL" site.