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Sunday, October 9, 2016 - Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Kewangan Antarabangsa Labuan (PMFKAL) had organized 2nd Annual Stock Trading Competition at the Multipurpose Lab in UMSKAL. It started at 8.00am with the explanation of rules and regulations for the competition by the Advisor. The program director, Miss Malarvily Ramaloo who is a final year student of International Finance (HE19) had carried out the event by collaborating with the program coordinators Madam Aminah Shari and Miss Siti Nuraqilah Ab. Wahab. The guest invited for the special event is the Dean of Labuan Faculty of International Finance, Dr. Hanudin bin Amin and Dr. Mohd Fahmi Ghazali, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs and Alumni.

Students from HE19 third year and second year assisted the competition by playing the role as Head of Dealer, Assistant Dealers, Dealers and also Head of Advisor, Assistant Advisors and participants as investors. There were 40 groups including 1 Speculator group who took part in this competition, where each group consisted of 3 students. The participants were from different programs which are HE20, HE21 and HE22 included those from first year, second year and also final year student.

This programme aims to gather students from each programme to involve in stock trading competition, which will test their knowledge and experience in stock trading as well as analysing the news or current events that could have an impact on the environment and investment decisions. It will feature 30 selected companies (shares) listed in Bursa Malaysia and also International Markets. Share prices will vary for each scenario depend on the given event. 10 views scenario prices will be given during the sessions. Each team will be given a capital of RM 500, 000 to carry out transactions in the stock market. The winner will be based on the highest return on investment. Nevertheless, it is to expose students to the scope of a career in the investment as Remisier or Dealer Representative of participating organization of Bursa Malaysia.

The event was exciting and anxiousness can be felt because there were a total of 10 session where the time given for each session was 10 minutes for investors to buy and sell under certain guidelines by the organizer. The theme for the event was “Business Executives” and everyone who attended had dressed up profesionally, some with their blazers on. Some groups were disqualified throughout the sessions but their feedback is that they had fun and they hope the organizer, PMFKAL can carry out the similar event more often in the future.

Dr. Hanudin Amin presented all the three prizes to the winners under the company of Dr. Mohd Fahmi Ghazali and the program coordinator and he also officiated the event during the closing ceremony. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were won by the third year students of HE19. Takuro team had won the 1st place with a highest return on investment of 92.11%, third year students Chow Peng Chuan, Loo Yit Leon and Soo Mun Jeng had won cash prize of RM300. 2nd place won by Holiao team with a return on investment of 82.55%, third year students Chai Keen Mun, Chong Guan feng and Lim Wey Jye had won RM200 cash prize. 3rd place and cash prize of RM100 won by IF19 team with a return on investment of 41.16%, third year students Maya Asyura, Tsau kah Yee and Vanessa James. The competition ended successfully around 4.00pm on the same day after the prize giving session and closing ceremony. This competition gets good response among students in UMSKAL and it is gong to be organized on annual basis.

Dr. Hanudin Amin, Dean of labuan Faculty of International Finance officiated  the 2nd Annual Stock Trading Competition

1st Prize Winner of 2nd Annual Stock Trading Competition

2nd Prize Winner of 2nd Annual Stock Trading Competition

3rd  Prize Winner of 2nd Annual Stock Trading Competition