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HE19 Programme International Finance

Programme Aim:

To offer an international business with international finance curriculum that enables the Faculty to produce graduates with enhanced knowledge and analytical skills either in financial field, banking and business. Therefore, our program core courses are tailored specifically to address major international business and international finance knowledge streams that includes but are not limited to financial risks management, corporate finance, futures and options, mutual fund management, international investment and global finance.

To expose graduates to the relevant issues in the current business and financial issues that are crucial elements in preparing one’s entry-level positions in any domestics or multinational financial institutions and professionals in managing the impact of the global financial crisis. The Faculty actively takes part in acquiring hands-on experience of financial analysis by strengthen relationship with industries, professional bodies and relevant parties as well as encouraging our graduates to participate in financial seminars, workshops and financial or business competitions such as stock exchange competition.

Programme Objectives:

  1. To produce knowledgeable and competent graduates with knowledge and skills in the areas of international business and finance in order to provide the best service to society and the country.
  2. To ensure graduates have holistic problem solving and interpersonal communication skills, which in turn will assist them to work with others as a team.
  3. To ensure graduates are able to apply ICT skill in international business and international finance field, aware of the current issues in global arena, which may affect the country, region and global economy.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  1. Acquire knowledge and understand facts, concepts and theories related to international business and finance. [PLO1]
  2. Apply concepts and principles of international business and finance in real, dynamic and challenging business environment. [PLO2]
  3. Apply analytical skills and to think critically in solving both business and financial problem. [PLO3]
  4. Implement monetary and business transactions by applying social skills, interpersonal skills and to work in team. [PLO4]
  5. Adopt professionalism value in accordance with law principle and ethic in business arena. [PLO5]
  6. Use skills and lifelong learning principle in academics and career development related to financial field and business. [PLO6]
  7. Apply business skills and finance in real career world and use entrepreneurial principle in daily life affairs. [PLO7]
  8. Able to communicate issues pertinent to business and financial practices effectively that strengthen leadership skill. [PLO8]
  9. Able to convey financial information effectively to fellows, customers, employers and society in general. [PLO9]

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