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HE20 International and Offshore Banking

Programme Aim:
This program is designed to equip students with the knowledge in international finance perspective emphasising on international banking operation. Courses offered in this discipline among others are international corporate finance, international financial statement analysis, international and offshore banking and international money and capital market. Focus in offshore banking transaction includes free trade business, Account Secrecy Regulation and offshore banking management, Information Technology for Banking Management, International Money and Capital Market, International Financial Risks Management, Wealth Management, Credit Management.

Programme Objectives:

  1. To produce graduates with academic excellence who are recognized internationally in the field of international finance and banking by offering international finance curriculum structure specializing in the area of international and offshore banking;
  2. To ensure graduates are knowledgeable, expert as well as possess high competitiveness in international finance, international and offshore banking to serve the community and nation;
  3. To ensure graduates possess balanced knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, ethical values, as well as able to organise and work in a team;
  4. To produce graduates that are able to acquire  specific skills through research in current issues in international finance, international and offshore banking in qualifying them as prospective managers in financial and banking institutions;
  5. To produce graduates with self-reliant attitude in teaching and learnng  and also have great research knowledge in International banking and finance;
  6.  To produce graduates that are able to use knowledge and critical thinking in expressing ideas and are able to come up with solutions to overcome issues confronted;
  7. To produce graduates who have acquired special quality of human skills in contributing to the development of International banking and finance industry in Malaysia;
  8.  To produce graduates that are exposed to general and specific issues that are of institutional, national, regional and global relevance;To produce graduates with high skilled professionalism and have the expertises and competencies required by industry.

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  1. Graduates are knowledgeable in international and offshore banking field.[ PLO1]
  2. Graduates equipped with knowledge and various skills learned from the programme have the capability to perform as an efficient officer in the banking and finance industry.[PLO2]
  3. Graduates are able to perform community services in International and offshore banking areas. [PLO3]
  4. Graduates are able to serve as a good ethical officer in banking and finance. [ PLO4]
  5. Graduates are able to communicate well and also able to lead a team of  bankers. [PLO5]
  6. Graduates equipped with expertise are able to solve problems pertaining to International and Offshore Banking. [PLO6]
  7. Graduates are able to undertake continuous professional development in the programme area and also able to undertake new issues pertaining to International and offshore banking. [ PLO7]
  8. Graduates have the ability to venture into business, and able to provide consultation services in the areas of banking and finance [PLO8]
  9. Graduates can serve as a good manager with good integrity. [PLO9]

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