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Authors: Mok Yeu Qi and Lau Hui Keng



The conventional method for taking the attendance of students is inefficient, time consuming, prone to errors and higher chance for tampering of data. Therefore, an Android app is developed to take attendance which assists by beacon device. This application is named as BeAtt. Beacon is a device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to broadcast its universally unique identifier. Students have to be in the range in the selected beacon so that their smartphone can trigger an action to enable them to mark attendance. The objective of this project is to design a complete database to store user and attendance data. The next objective is to implement modules and interfaces for users to mark the attendance with their Android smartphone by using Java programming language. The last objective is to implement the use of beacon device on Android smartphone for attendance by using Java programming language. This project is divided into four modules which are authentication, time table, attendance record and attendance taken. Agile development methodology is used to develop this project because it can cope with the rapid changes of user requirement in the development time. An object-oriented approach has been used to design the app. Software testing had been conducted during and after the application is implemented. Three testing have been carried out including unit testing, compatibility testing and user acceptance testing.