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Authors: Nur Fadila Kadri and Salmah Fattah



Applications Mobile e-vehicles Sabah Health Department is an Android-based system that was developed to help staff the State Health Department to reserve vehicles using a smartphone. With regard to the use of mobile communication devices increasingly widespread, e-vehicle system that was originally developed based on web will also be developed in the form of mobile devices. The tendency of staff at the State Health Department uses a mobile phone to be used as a reserve vehicle initiative to develop a vehicle reservation system e-vehicle is in the form of mobile applications. Bookings made using the site via mobile phone will take a long time because the data transfer rate will be low and the display can not be optimized. Therefore bookings made later accepted by the administrator. Objective of the development of this system are to develop a vehicle reservation system the State Health Department in the form of mobile, design and implement a database for storing data and providing a vehicle reservation roster to facilitate the driver to check the schedule. The scope of the system is divided into three main modules, namely modules applicants, administrators and scheduling. The software used to develop this system is Android Studio and MySQL. The methodology used was a prototype system.