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Authors: Toh Ban Soon and Siti Hasnah Tanalol



Nowadays, E-commerce or online shopping are still not able to fully replace onsite shopping especially for products like clothing, shoes, jewelry, and furniture. People are more likely to prefer onsite shopping as it provide direct interaction in the aspect of visualization between the user and the actual product. However, Augmented Reality able to provide this kind of situation which allow the user see through the virtual product being augmented to their real environment. This technology could be seen as a potential in E-commerce field. With this technology, consumer could have a “real experiences” and “real object interaction” for helping them a better understanding on the selling product and make a proper buying decision. Hence, this project proposed an Ecommerce mobile application combined with the Augmented Reality technology to allow the user see the product when it is augmented to their real environment. This project aimed to (1) design and develop an e-commerce mobile application for android version by using Java programming language, (2) implement vision-based augmented reality
(AR) technology into handheld device, (3) implement module and interface that allow the user to place order, add to cart, add to wish-list on the products.