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Buy-Back Centre Inventory Sys

Authors: Gooi Wan Ki and Lau Hui Keng


PLB Terang Sdn. Bhd. (929923-U) has a waste disposal center called the Buy-Back Centre. PLB Terang Sdn. Bhd. has requested that a Windows-based system to be developed to store and keep track of the details of the Buy-Back Centre and transactions in database instead of Microsoft Excel sheets, and generate required reports as needed. Objectives for this project are to design, develop, implement and test the Buy-Back Centre Inventory System. This system needs to allow user to view and print summary report and sales report. This project is divided into four modules which are Authorization, Stock In, Stock Out and System Maintenance. Software Prototyping methodology is chosen for the development of Buy-Back Centre Inventory System because it allows refinement of prototype until the final requirements have been decided and the users are able to give feedbacks towards the developed prototypes as to their needs. Software testing is carried out on all modules which had been developed.


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