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Authors: Felicita Francis and Norazlina Khamis



The Call Route Learning Tool is an educational tool that helps the user to understand the concept of the call routing algorithm. The main problem of the call routing is where there is thousands of scattered information which belong to the call routing. Hence, this causes some challenging situation for the user to understand the concept of the call routing itself. So, a Learning Tool Call Route is develops in order to solve the problems. The main purpose of this project is to design the content of the content using systematic literature review. Other than that, the project is to develop the learning tool for assisting learners of in learning the call routing besides evaluate the effectiveness of the tool itself. The method that will be used in this project is systematic literature review and modified waterfall. Systematic literature review is used to gather information about call routing. Meanwhile, a modified waterfall is used as a guideline during the development process of the Learning tool. The Learning Tool Call Route is a simple tool that focuses more to postgraduate students especially the Networking students. By using the system, the user will get the idea about how the call routing algorithm works in human‟s daily life. Based on the evaluation, most of the users agreed that the learning tool is so efficient and effective to be used. User also claims that this tool help the user a lot in understood the call routing algorithm.