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Bachelor of Science with Honours (Multimedia Technology)

Bachelor of Science (BSc) with Honours (Multimedia Technology) is an undergraduate degree programme offered by Faculty of Computing and Informatics at Labuan International Campus. Besides teaching theories, this programme will provide students with skills in the areas of interactive media, graphics arts, audio   technology, animation, video and publishing. Students will be exposed with the latest and widely utilized multimedia tools as well as programming languages. This will enhances students’ techniques in design and develop multimedia application.

Course structure (Faculty and Programme courses only)

Year 1 Sem 1

IT11303 Internet Technology

IM11103 Fundamentals of Multimedia

Year 1 Sem 2

IT11103 Intro to Computer Programming

IT11203 Basic Mathematics

IT11403 Operation System

IM21103 Multimedia Design

Year 2 Sem 1

IT21103 Database Management System

IT21303 Discrete Mathematics

IM11203 E-Commerce

IM21203 Video Production


Year 2 Sem 2

IT21403 Statistic

IT21503 Object Oriented Programming

IT21603 Technopreneurship

IM21303 Animation


Year 3 Sem 1

IT21203 Data Structure

IT41103 Ethnics and Professionalism in Information Technology

IM31103 Human Computer Interaction

IM31203 Computer Graphic

IM31303 System Analysis and Design

IM31403 Multimedia Project Management

Year 3 Sem 2

IT31203 Management Information System

IM31702 Project 1

IM21403 Web Programming

IM31503 Advanced Multimedia

IM31603 Computer Communication Network


Year 4 Sem 1

IT30103 Current Topics and Issues

IM41304 Project  2

IM41103 Network Security and Management

IM41203 Distributed Multimedia System


Year 4 Sem 2

IM41412 Industrial Training

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