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Authors: Loh Chon Wai and Chin Kim On



The current situation in Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI) in University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) encounters the problems of utilizing paper based work for course offering related processes. Therefore, the development of a computer system to handle all course offering related processes has been requested by the head of program of FCI for the purpose to overcome this situation. The main objective of this project is to design a web based system to handle the course offering processes by using PHP programming language. And so it further divide into several sub-objectives which are plan, design and implement a staff information system, a course-lecturer assigning system, and a course structure based scheduling system. This system is mainly divided into 4 main modules, which are register & login module, manage course offering module, course-lecturer
assignment module, and course timetabling module. The SDLC implemented in the system development is called the iterative incremental model. This is because this model allows the developers to take benefits of what was learned during development of earlier parts or versions of the system. For the technical aspects, this system intended to be built by using website development programming language of HTML, JavaScript and CSS for the front end processes, PHP programming language as for back end processes and MySQL as the database management system.