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Authors: Yee Wei Liang and Rayner Alfred



Every course requires a Course Profile. The Course Profile contains statements related to course synopsis, course contents, course’s learning outcomes, course’s learning activities, course assessment and other information relevant to a particular course. The problem that cause to develop this system is in the Faculty of Computing and Informatics of UMS, all the course profiles are created, updated and store manually in the management of faculty. The management of faculty needs to find spaces for keeping all course profile. Delay the process of updating the course profile information also one of the reasons to develop this system. The lecturers need to access the file in the office whenever any updates of the course profile information This project is about to develop a web-based course profiling system to help users to manage the course profiling more easily and systematically. Through this system, the user can create and manage the course profiling and therefore this will be able to minimize or reduce the manual processing which will eventually increase the speed of course profiling management process. In overall, this system can increase the management productivity, reduce the paper works needed, reduce man power and more importantly, to be very economical in the continuous years.