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Authors: Lam Ying Jie and Norhayati Binti Daut



Online shopping system (e-commerce) is currently trending. Each organization has its own method of managing and promoting their products through their business systems. However Dee Eternity is a company that rely heavily on Facebook only to sell their swimsuit products. Thus, Dee Eternity has requested to build a system that can manage goods sold, record sales and let users to view its products easily and purchase through online. Prior to that, through detailed research that has been conducted against the company, the findings showed that the company does not have its own system to manage products, display products, record and generate the company’s sales systematically. The company owner faced the problem which she had to take care of all the things manually. Therefore, a system operated by computerized and through online access has been developed to Dee Eternity for solving the problems faced by Dee Eternity. Rapid Prototyping is used as systems development methodology. Throughout the developing system, Dee Eternity Online Shopping System is developed by 'Hypertext Preprocessor’ (PHP), XAMP Server, MySQL as the database engine and so on. Thus, the system has been built to meet the objectives, scope and needs of users as specified.