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Authors: Jafhate Edward and Aslina Baharum



Dengue Fever (DF) is the leading cause of illness and death around the world. The involvement of the public or the society is very important, in order to take action against this issue. However, the level of public awareness towards DF are very low due to the lack of attention for this issue. Therefore, in this research project, the project will take this opportunity by developing a mobile application, which is an informative mobile app in hoping it will reach the public and society’s attention. Thus, hope to increase their awareness towards dengue fever (DF). The mobile application, namely as Dengue Fever Awareness Mobile Application (DeFever), will
act as an informative mobile application that can be used by users to know more about DF and also some important features. By using DeFever, all information regarding DF and infected areas will reach at their fingertips. The objectives of this research project are to survey the level of public awareness based on the knowledge, attitudes and practices towards Dengue, to identify the suitable features DeFever and to develop the mobile app, DeFever, that will help to increase the public awareness towards DF. The method use for this research project will be by using the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) whereby the model will be the 5D Appreciative Inquiry Model for DeFever. Finally, the expected output of this research project is to develop the informative mobile application, DeFever to help increase the awareness level of the society towards DF.