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Authors: Ting Chee Hiang and Rayner Alfred



EventPro is a web-based system that serves the functionality of an event manager. This system is accessible wherever internet access is available. This can improve information quality and support decision-making during event management by providing continuous and seamless connectivity between large numbers of participants and the events’ organizer to make sure all users are up to date. Event Management System (EMS)is still a newly introduced system in Malaysia. Countless events are held throughout the years without using EMS to aid in event management. And this will lead to poor forecasting and eventually end up with problems like financial trouble, time consuming and wasting of human resources. So, we decided to propose EventPro, a multi-event organizer system that can provide an operational monitoring and control platform to ensure continuous and seamless connectivity between participants and organizers to ease the event management. This project is about developing a web-based event management system by providing an effective communication platform for both organizer and participant to manage event. Through this system, the organizers can create and manage the events and therefore this will be able to minimize or reduce the manual processing which will eventually increase the speed of event management process. The participants also will be benefited through this system in which they can search for the events based on the category, date or their location. Then the participant can pay for the event booking fees through online payment gateways like PayPal. In overall, this system can increase the management productivity, reduce the paper works needed, reduce manpower and more importantly, to be very economical in the continuous years.