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  • 1. How long is the presentation for viva voce? For MSc: 30 minutes; for PhD: 40 minutes.
  • 2. Can I defer my studies for two semesters consecutively? No, unless you have medical reasons with support from the hospital.
  • 3. Will I be able to register for the next semester if I did not submit my progress report? No.
  • 4. What happen if I did not register for the semester? If you failed to register for the semester, you will be suspended. If you did not register for two semester consecutively, you will be terminated.
  • 5. Do I need to register every semester? Yes.
  • 6. Can I change my supervisor? Yes, you can do so at anytime.
  • 7. How much is the fine for late registration? RM200.00
  • 8. I am an international student, can I register as part time student? No, due to VISA requirements, all international students can only apply for full time study.
  • 9. I have submitted my thesis for evaluation, when is my viva voce? You will be contacted by Centre for Postgraduate Studies on the date and venue for your viva. In addition, you can also check the webpage to find out if you are listed.