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Authors: Mohd Hazman Bin Junis and Salmah Fattah



ISEOKU-Pb Mobile Application is an application based on Android platform which developed to help people with learning disabilities to measure both emotion and social interaction by using smartphone. ISEOKU-Pb Mobile Application is targeting students with learning disabilities especially from Sekolah Menengah Pendidikan Khas and selected Pusat Dalam Komuniti (PDK) in Malaysia. The manual system of ISEOKU-Pb is not eco-friendly which involving huge amount paper to be printed and distributed. Apart from that, the traditional method of ISEOKU-Pb is not interactive to the learning disabled student due to the black and white printing which will lead the learning disabled student to inaccurately understanding the message of the picture in the instrument. Other than that, calculation process of the score in the manual process of ISEOKU-Pb will take time and may provide inaccurate calculation of the score thus providing inaccurate result. The storage of the attempted ISEOKU-Pb instrument will occupy large spaces and there is probability that there will be lost of record occur. The development of ISEOKU-Pb Mobile Application is focusing to implement ‘Skala Emosi OKU-Pembelajaran’ (SEOKU-Pb) instrument and ‘Skala Interaksi OKU-Pembelajaran’ (SIOKU-Pb) instrument into an Android based application. The development also to develop an automated calculation and evaluation system for ‘Skala Emosi OKU-Pembelajaran’ (SEOKU-Pb) and ‘Skala Interaksi OKU-Pembelajaran’ (SIOKU-Pb). The development method is using Rapid Application Development (RAD) method by using Android Studio to program the application.