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Authors: Chua Hooi Peng and Asni Tahir



Kadazandusun language is one of the languages can learn in University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) by taking the course offered at Centre for the Promotion of Knowledge and Language Learning, UMS. It is a language spoken by most of the interior people of Sabahan. Therefore, UMS provides an opportunity for students who are new to Kadazandusun Language to take as a course in order to cultivate the beauty of this language and help students for a better communication with Sabahan. Interactive Kadazandusun Language System is developed to support and enhance students learning Kadazandusun Language through listening, playing and learning from useful learning material in a web-based form. This learning system able to teach students to pronounce some basics conversations of Kadazandusun Language. And also it adapted some quiz questions. Different difficulty level of quiz questions are provided in the system for different learners in learning Kadazandusun Language. Programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and JavaScript are used to develop this system. phpMyadmin is used to store the database of the system.