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Authors: Tamimu ramadhani Mohamedi and James Mountstephens



Visa extension system is an easy to use, full-featured and flexible web portal for the international affairs department of the University Malaysia Sabah to computerize its visa application and extension process to all international students enrolled at the University Malaysia Sabah through online. Basic objectives of this online visa application and extension system are to extend the reach to geographically scattered students, reducing time in visa application activities, simplified and centralized data handling and paperless submission with reduced manpower and increased operational efficiency. Currently international students submit hardcopy of filled application forms together with other required documents to the international affairs department, department staff collect all documents from international students and enters records in manual register. After inspection of all forms manually, department staff approves and forward required documents of each student to the immigration office. Online visa application and extension system will eliminate all the manual intervention and increase the speed of whole
process. System will notify each students of their visa expiry date few weeks before due, to allow enough time for application process, then student will obtain all required forms online by accessing the system by using their student account. System has upload functionality to allow students to upload scanned documents. After successful submission, system will notify each student upon the issue of their visa. Staff in charge of visa application, login the system and check the details entered by student and verify required documents. Student can login into system by using their account and check his or her visa status application status