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Authors: Sarajini Akim and Asni Tahir



KaDus Edu is an android based mobile application developed to serve as an electronic advertiser for student and public community. The application provides a simple and easy way to learn kadazan-Dusun language. Nowadays, Kadazandusun language is become extinct because there had been no efforts to preserve them unlike traditional costumes and music. This language should be preserved because language can unite a country as aspired by our government. Since there are many people using smartphone and it play a major role in language learning so by developing an apps for Kadazan Dusun language will give an impact on education. Thus, KaDus Edu is proposed and developed using Rapid Application Development. Android apps are good for supporting language learning and people may improve their vocabulary by using this apps. Mobile learning is in itself not new, but new devices with echanced capalities have dramatically increases the interest level, including among language educators.