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Authors: Grace Jelang Anak Thomas Jomas and Aslina Baharum



Have e-learning websites ever offend or alienate or confuse a user through its metaphors, navigation, interaction, or by its appearance? The purpose of this research is to determine the user’s expectation in e-learning of comprehensive universities. Besides, this research will also determine the localization of e-learning based on selected comprehensive universities in Malaysia. But what could be the influence among these user? This research will show how user interacts with e-learning or how e-learning react towards user and to find the best guideline then develop a prototype to be the best elearning websites. E-learning is a very functional system that allows everyone to share their informative sources. The significance of this research is that there are very few or almost none has made a research on the localizations of e-learning which makes reader would be interested. The problem that seems to appear in this research is how a slow interaction with e-learning websites has make users feel inconvenient. Besides, too much web objects on the user interface of an e-learning websites confuses its users. The method to be use in this research is mix method; firstly localization and questionnaires adapted from previous studies which are geometric grid square 7x6, content analysis and Hofstede cultural dimension. Through this research, a prototype will be developed based on the obtained guideline. This developed prototype will be implement and evaluate to confirm the useful guideline based on expectation.