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Meeting Room Reservation System For Hospital Wanita Dan Kanak-kanak Sabah

Authors: Cheng Fong Weng and Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Hijazi

A project to build a meeting room reservation system for Hospital Wanita Dan Kanak- Kanak Sabah (HWKKS) is presented in this report. The system developed in this project is called B-META system. This system is needed in the first place for HWKKS because the existing system, B-MEET has the limitation to solve meeting room reservation problems of HWKKS which is no recurrence booking can be performed. Thus, B-META system is needed to overcome the weaknesses of the B-MEET system. The aim of this project is to identify, design and develop the additional features that are necessary for B-META system to solve the room reservation problems of HWKKS. The advantage by using B-META system is user can choose weekly or monthly booking style for recurring their booking entries. The methodology used is rapid application development. The quality assessment of validation and verification proved that B-META system is the product that is highly applicable. The feedback from user acceptance testing show that the end users are satisfied with B-META system. B-META system is ready to be deployed after the closure of this project.


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