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Mobile Application For Reservation Of TT BUS Sdn Bhd


Authors: Afiqah Binti Murillah and Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Hijazi

The project presented in this report involved a development of a mobile application for ticket reservation of TT Bus Sdn. Bhd. Currently, the bus ticket reservation system is done manually by the company’s staff. The situation is either the customer buy the ticket directly from the ticket counter or simply call or e-mail them to book the seat. It will take some time and cost for the staffs at the bus counter to verify the availability of the seats. Therefore, a mobile application was proposed to perform this time-consuming process. A mobile application for bus reservation system provides much convenient method to manage the reservation services. Although the use of mobile application system is not new, it is intended to show how the use of it came to solve daily problems in our daily lives. The application is built using the Android mobile application with an assists from SDLC., Java and SQL Server database are used as the scripting programming language and database. The project was built using open source software and it will reduce the cost of development process. The system can be easily accessed by the customer via the smartphone and most importantly it reduce the time taken to search for route and seats availability, as well as the booking process. The mobile apps and management system was currently used by the TT Bus Sdn. Bhd. The users are satisfied with the development of the mobile applications and TT Express management system.


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