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Authors: Lau King Lieng and Norhayati binti Daut



the use of the computer in a restaurant, every order entry (dine-in or phone call) is done manually using hand-written. With the emergence of technologies, the traditional system with hand-written and phone call order is deemed inefficient, errors prone and required more labour force. Besides time consuming, the possible human error such as wrong orders and poor handwriting will lead to food wastage and operating budget can be increased unnecessarily. There are some website and application developed (apps) to tackle these issues. The apps are categorized into two, which are Android and iOS based application. Both platform apps merely transform the practice from manual ordering system to online ordering system in which the orders is done by customers. However, developing apps to support multiple device platforms is complex, time-consuming and costly. The proposed system, Online Restaurant Management System (ORMS), allows the customer to make online ordering and track order status and location. The hybrid method which is the combination between Agile and Waterfall model will be used for system development. The proposed system hopefully may help the customer in making orders easily, provide full information required by the customer, help the restaurant in receiving the orders, to help delivery staff while delivery and provide management tools for the manager to manage the restaurant.