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UMS-FCI Won 2016 IEEE Malaysia Final Year Project Competition.


The Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) won one Gold and one Silver awards in the 2016 National level IEEE Final Year Project (FYP) competition. The Faculty of Computing and Informatics sent seven FYP research proposals and videos to the competition during 11th July 2016. There are a total 14 tracks of competition and there are only three winners for each track.

The UMS participants are (1) Lee Mei Ing (Category: Computational Intelligence – Gold Winner) with research title Deep Learning for Neuroevolution in Games, (2) Ng Wai Foong (Category: Computational Intelligence – Silver Winner) with research title Development and Implementation of Rule-based Procedural Generation of Item in 2D Role-Playing Game, (3) Valerie Tan (Category: Robotics and Automation) with research title Evolving Robots with Soft Morphologies, (4) Seah Cheah Chin (Category: Computer) with research title Parameter Adaptation for Differential Evolution (DE) in Solving Very Large Scale Global Optimization, (5) Ang Ling Jun (Category: Computational Intelligence) with research title Automated Car Plate Localization for Moving Camera, Tan Choon Beng (Category: Computational Intelligence) with research title Malware Classification using Ensemble Classifiers, and Lyndia Anak Libin (Category: Computational Intelligence) with research title Bias Aware Lexicon-based Sentiment Analysis of Sabah Language on Social Media Data. Lee Mei Ing was under Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jason Teo supervision and Mr. Ng Wai Fong was under Dr. Chin Kim On supervision.

UMS also sent five participants for 2015 IEEE Malaysia FYP competition and the students won one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze awards in the Computational Intelligence category.