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Dr. Hiroyuki Iida is Professor and dean at the School of Information Science, Department of Information Science Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan. More than 100 academic papers have been published in conferences and respectable journals. He actively supervises many students at postgraduate level of study such as Master and PhD. His interest of research includes computers and games, game-refinement theory, opponent-modeling and computer shogi.

On the 29th March 2016 to 02 April 2016, Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FKI- KK Campus and Labuan), University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) received a visit of Professor Dr. Hiroyuki Iida from the JAIST, Japan. Furthermore, Professor Dr. Hiroyuki Iida appointed as a visiting professor at FKI-UMS.


The primary goals of the visit were to further staff and students’ knowledge about the benefits, opportunities of computer an games technology. During his visit, Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Iida also met Associate Professor Dr. Ag Asri Ag Ibrahim Dean, Dr. Dr. Zamhar Iswandono Awg Ismail Deputy Dean, Dr. Dr. Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Hijazi Head of Programme H05 and Dr. Dr. Chin Kim On Head of Programme H00 at FKI-KK Sabah Malaysia.  

According to the Dean, this is one of the efforts to enhance academic staff and student exchanges and strengthening educational linkages between FKI-UMS and research collaboration with the JAIST in upcoming future.