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Appointed external examiner of the Network Engineering Programme, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanan Abdullah of UTM, has visited the faculty on the 18th April 2016 to 21st April 2016. He is a Senior Professor at Faculty of Computing, UTM. He has published more than 100 Scopus and ISI indexed articles. Currently he is heading the Pervasive Computing Research Group. The primary goal of the visit was to examine the current curriculum structure of the HC05 programme.

During his visit, he has interviewed a number of faculty members for the examination purpose. He has also delivered an interesting talk on ‘Internet of Vehicles (IoV)’ to the lecturers and students of FKI. A two hours discussion with the academics has been conducted to discuss of any potential research collaboration between FKI-UMS and UTM. His visits ended with the presentation of his examination report to the Dean and faculty’s administration staff. The faculty would like to thanks Prof. Abdul Hanan for his useful comments and suggestions that would be considered in the restructuring exercise of HC05 curriculum structure.