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Test Design Competition (TDC) 2016 was held on 30-31 July 2016 at UTM, Jalan Semarak KL, in conjunction with SOFTEC Asia 2016. This year was the TDC’s 3rd edition since 2014. This competition aims to promote creative and innovative systematic/software engineering-based approaches and techniques in software testing. The “over-the-weekend test assignment” (for UNIVERSITY Category), requires participants to develop a solution for the challenge revealed for a given Test Object in a (hypothetical) Real-world Test Environment. FCI, UMS has sent one team, consist of four final year students (Alvin Ong, Seah Cheah Chin, Cheong Man Kit and Lee Chiau Yin), and one lecturer. 12 teams from various public and private universities in Malaysia has participated in TDC 2016 which offers cash prizes of RM5,000 for the winner. Even though FCI  team does not make it to the final round, the TDC 16 has increase their understanding on the  visibility of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and testing practices in Malaysia on how they help businesses to mitigate risks, as well as promote software tester as a strategic and rewarding career.