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A total of 400 people participated in the second FreeMarket@UMS 2018 organized by Wellfare and Recreation Club, Faculty of Computing and Informatics in collaboration with Pusat Islam UMS on 10 March 2018. The event was held at Block B Parking Lot, Faculty of Engineering Building starting from 8am.

The charity event was aimed to serve as a platform for everyone who wants to donate to help those who are in need. The concept of a freemarket is that everything is free and visitors have to ask politely from the contributor while the contributor will give willingly with a smile.

According to the Chairman of the event, Dr. Lau Hui Keng, the reception from the contributors and receivers are overwhelming. Out of 400 participants, 50 of them are contributors and in rough estimate, there are more than 2000 items exchanged hands on that day.

The receivers came from all walks of life; from UMS community as well as from the public. They are extremely grateful for the donations and bagful of items received. The contributors are not only from Kota Kinabalu but also as far as Tawau. Items donated include clothes (men, women, kids), fashion accessories, food, drinks, kitchen utensils and gadgets, books, appliances, health and beauty products, toys, home appliances,  and many more.To appreciate the contributions, certificate of appreciation was given to the contributors at the event.

For those who are interested to contribute as well as those in need, the official Facebook page for Freemarket@UMS is at All information regarding the previous and coming events can be found there.

The organizing committee comprised of the staff of the Faculty of Computing and Informatics, UMS Islamic Center and students pictured together before the program.
  The organizing committee after the completion of the program.  

 Visitors are choosing items available at FreeMarket@UMS

. Volunteers are assisting contributors to set up their booth.

 Committee member is preparing the booth before FreeMarket@UMS open to visitors.

 Visitors choosing items offered by 20 contributors

. Available item at FreeMarket@UMS include clothes, kitchen utensils, toys and many more

. Mother selecting clothes for her infant.