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Authors: Lim Zhong Heng and Lau Hui Keng



There are tons of part time job seeker and freelance mobile apps available in the Google Apps market, but none of it states clearly whether their apps are designed for which youth and younger age group of part timer. Most part time job portal mobile apps promotes full time works and long-term temporary works which is in project base and daily pay, where shortterm temporary works which pay is count in hour is normally not emphasized. In current Apps market, the existing part time job seeker mobile apps have limited types of services provided for the people in need of service. Besides, there is very few part time job seeker apps available in Malaysia for the people in need of part time service to seek for the suitable service provider to help them. Therefore, an app like the “Partimor App” which is an Android-based mobile app that specially designed for the youth or student who wishes to earn money during the vacation or to seek for a flexible part time job which can easily fit into their packed schedule is needed to be developed. The objectives for this project are to develop an Android-based app for people to advertise and to apply for part time jobs, to create modules and interfaces for user to update and manage data stored in the proposed relational database by using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript programming and to test and evaluate the developed Android-based mobile app for user acceptance. The development methodology uses to implement the Partimor App is Extreme Programming methodology. The Executive Director of Bifrost Tech Sdn. Bhd., Mr Anthony is involved in this system development process by giving feedbacks on the prototypes. Software testing including unit, integration, system and user acceptance tests were carried
out at different phases of the development to make sure that the app developed work accordingly and in accordance to the requirements. After the completion of all phases, the app will be hand-over to the executive director of Bifrost Tech Sdn. Bhd.