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Authors: Muhammad Taufik Bin Unding and Salmah Fattah



This project provide details of a project to create a web based management system that provide pc repair shop or company with usable system in order to help increase their internal organization and communications and also manage the system online so that all the work goes in a very systematic manner. The main objective of this project is to develop an online system that can reduce the workload of the pc shop or company management that still use paper based system which is found unreliable in managing the work flows of the shop or company and also to have information medium for the customers in order to get precise information. The methodology that has been chosen for the development of this system is the Rapid Application Development (RAD) – Prototyping development model. The reason for choosing this model is because of the constant improvement that could be done to the system. This report initially covers the research and analysis involved in developing a system to meet these aims, followed by the process of designing and implementing the system. It concludes with the system design based on the existing pc repair shop or company management system which would provide high level of user friendliness to the user. This way, the user can focus on using the system to perform the intended task rather than spending time learning how to use the system. The system will benefit the pc shop or company in many ways as it will help to control the overall process of pc repair shop or company.