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Authors: Yeap Cuan Yong and Norhayati Daut



There are many different ways to ship the shipment. Many businesses need shipment company to help them to transport their products across the country. By using manual procedures to record customers shipment information will cause a high frequency on wrongly record the shipment information and miss out any customer shipment booking. Moreover, using the manual procedures are difficult for staffs to access the shipment information in the quickest way. This project is about to develop a web-based shipment management system to help staffs to handle the shipment's progress more systematically. Through this system, the staffs can manage a quick access to use the frequently applications from shipment booking. Besides, the system able to generate reports based on ships and warehouse. The methodology used for develop this project is namely as SMS Development Methodology. The methodology was inspired by the Waterfall Methodology, to build a quality system, and reduce cost and time consuming. This project allows the users to easily access all of the information related to the shipment and also assist users to do the calculations by tallying the cumulative dispatch with the shipment price.