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Authors: Siti Nurul Ain Bt Sharry and Khasif Nisar



Software-Defined Network (SDN) is a current trend in communication networks based on the concepts of control plane and data forwarding plane separation. In particular, the control plane configures the network node and the data plane contains all the network devices. The main purpose of separating these two planes is hardware becomes the infrastructure in which devices run and control planes becomes the software controlling unit to control all the devices. The main idea of SDN to be highlighted is, it allows software developers to rely on network resources in the same easy manner as they do on storage and computing resources. With the OpenFlow standard, which is a protocol with strong support from industry today is available to implement the SDN. This project is about to test and implement the idea of software-defined network using Openflow protocol. The idea of packet flow in Openflow are tested using NS-3 simulator. In addition, to get the result from this simulation Openflow module must be build first in NS-3 simulator. The scenario of this project involving 4 nodes and three-phases
methodology are used in this project which are planning phase, simulation phase and also analysis phase. Based on the simulation result, the packet in Openflow passed several state conditions before the packet are sent to their destination.