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Sistem Penilaian Aktiviti Pelajar Kolej Kediaman CD

Authors: Fernander Jonathan and Salmah Fattah


Residential college of University Malaysia Sabah has always had a request for residential placement for the new academic session. Though new registered students are required to stay in UMS residential college for their first year, college student affair also have to consider senior student’s application placement for the new academic year sessions. Every semester, the residential college placement CD received many applications, but the student application must be screened and considered by the residential colleges. Approval for students to get placement is depend on the extent of involvement of students in extra-curricular activities at university level, residential colleges, CGPA and marks SDP students. In this process, the residential colleges are facing difficulties in assessing student's application. Student applications typically do not include proof of the involvement of extra-curricular activities or exam results. In this project, a system of e-SPAP is developed to facilitate the residential college to assess the student’s application and monitor program activities at the level of the residential colleges. The developed system is a web based system and can be accessed using existing UMS main campus network. This system is implemented using PHP language and uses MySQL database management system.


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