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Authors: Rahayu Awang Damit and Norazlina Khamis



This project is to develop a system for siswa siswi pertahanan awam Universiti Malaysia Sabah, also known as SISPA UMS. Currently in SISPA management department, a lot of information was saved manually in the paper form and being compress in one room that has been prepared to store all file regarding with SISPA UMS. Up to this year, more than two hundred student has been registered under SISPA UMS co-curriculum including the previous batch that already graduated, the value will increase as new student register to UMS every year. The problem arise when staff need to find and update specific student information among hundreds of the paper sheet and facing a risk of losing the file from their storage. Thus, this system is proposed and develop by using the waterfall model. The objective of this project is to develop an official information system for SISPA UMS and to evaluate the usability of the system in SISPA management. It is expected that, this new system will help to ease the manually done process and increase the quality of SISPA management to more efficient.