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Authors: Sarmila Muhamad Sabir and Asni Tahir



Hospital Tuaran Patient’s Diet Ordering System or eSajian is a system developed to assist the Hospital Tuaran staff to manage the patient diet ordering. The first objective to develop this system is designing and implementing a database which enable users to store patient diet ordering data. The second objective is to invent a System eSajian that allows Ward Nurses to insert and remove the patient informations that requires a diet, to make patient’s diet orders and update patient’s diet order online. The last objective is to develop System eSajian that facilitate the reporting of patient’s diet orders which generated automatically using a table format for Dietitian. The methodology used to formulate, plan and control is to use Rapid application (RAD) –Prototyping method. These projects generally use web-based application for the transmission of information that effective and to achieve
professional work efficiency.