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Authors: Norfazrina Binti Hashim and Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Hijazi



This report is about the development of a system called SK Likas Student e-Attendance Management System (SeAMS). This system will be developed in the hope to diminish the problems that arise with the current conventional method of managing and generating report of the student’s attendance data in SK Likas, Kota Kinabalu. The system is comprised of two (2) versions, which are the web-based version and mobile web application version. The web-based version is primarily focused on function to generate monthly student attendance analysis report whereas the mobile web application version, whose sole users are the classroom teachers of SK Likas, is used for taking daily attendance of students in SK Likas. Both versions of the system are developed using HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL in compliance with proper planning using the Evolutionary Prototyping model. The project was built using open source software and it has reduced the cost of development process. SeAMS can only be accessed by teachers of SK Likas through the usage of the school’s intranet. The mobile web application version of SeAMS is capable to be a permanent alternative for manual daily attendance taking due to the ubiquity of wireless internet connection throughout the school, which is needed to connect the mobile web application to the system’s server.