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Authors: Cheng Xu Jian and Aslina Baharum



Nowadays, stress has become main reason to cause health problems. The tempo of human’s lifestyle has been increase due to the fast development of technologies which help to improve performance and productivity indirectly increased the burden of human lifestyle. Many studies have done to identify the cause of stress and the effect of stress among university students. However, stress monitoring is not well mention in the previous works especially stress monitoring system with questionnaire-based. Due to this reason, this project tried to come out with a mobile application that fit to use to monitor stress level by using questionnaire. The project scopes are limited to students in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) for data collection and the mobile application is developed in Android-based. The features of the mobile application also will be mentioned in order to develop a more user friendly and better mobile application for stress monitoring. The mobile application, namely as Stress Catcher was developed by using Mobile-D because this approach allows Test-driven development and it is suitable to use for mobile application development. At the end of the project, Stress Catcher will be function to indicate the stress level among UMS students and able to give accurate result.