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Authors: Aziemah Binti Azman and Nordaliela Mohd Rusli



Students’ Activity Application System for Fakulti Komputeran dan Informatik (FKI) is a web-based system that can help students as well as the administration office in handling and managing the activity applications. The system is more reliable and efficient than manual method as students just need to key in the data into the system. However, this system is only available for FKI students. In addition, problem that occurs in manual form will be identified and analysed to come out with the best solution to overcome the problem. The three main objectives for this system are to develop a computerized system in order to manage the process of student activity application, to develop a module for student to submit an activity proposal and to develop a system that can store, retrieve and update data from Students’ Activity Application System. Prototyping-based model is used in
developing the system. This method is more flexible as it is easier to update the scope and requirement compared to waterfall methodology. This system improved the efficiency of student activity application process.