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What we offer?

Building on the expertise of the academic staff, the Faculty concentrates on strong and viable critical technologies areas that offer the graduate students with a range of courses and research opportunities.

We offer two types of postgraduate courses:

  • Research degree types
  • Postgraduate taught qualifications

For research degree, we offer qualifications in the field of:

For postgraduate taught courses, we offer:


How much does it costs?

Graduate Studies (by Research)  by Semester
Field of studies Mode of Study Local International
Non-recurring Fee(RM) Master (RM) PhD (RM) Non-recurring Fee(RM) Master (RM) PhD (RM)
SCIENCE Part Time 465 1,825 1,925 515 3,650 3,850
Full Time 465 1,725 1,825 N/A N/A N/A
Viva Fee   1,000 1,500   1,000 1,500
Re-viva Fee   1,000 1,000   1,000 1,000
Health Insurance – Sem 1 for every session (Yearly) 13.00 500
Personnel Bond (only for international students)   2,000


Graduate Studies (by Coursework) PLUMS

Tuition fees based on credit hours taken
Local student = RM350/credit hour
International student = RM700/credit hour
Full time (Local student) = RM 19,195 per course
Part time (Local student) = RM 21,145 per course

What's Next?