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Course Structure HC05 (Faculty and Programme courses only)

Year 1 Sem 1

KT14103 Calculus

KT14303 Programming principles

Year 1 Sem 2

KT14203 Computer architecture and organisation

KT14403 Discrete structures

KP14603 Object oriented concepts

Year 2 Sem 1

KT24103 Data structures and algorithms

KT24303 Network fundamentals

KT24503 Database

KP24103 System Analysis & Design

Year 2 Sem 2

KT24203 Probability & Statistics

KT24403 Operating Systems

KT00802 Entrepreneurship in Technology

KP24203 Routing Protocols and Concepts

KP24403 Web Technology

Year 3 Sem 1

KT34103 Artificial Intelligence

KT34303 Computer Graphics

KP34103 Network Project Management

KP34303 Enterprise Networks 

KP0xx03 Elective 1 

Year 3 Sem 2

KP34212 Industrial Training

Year 4 Sem 1

KT44103 Ethics and Law in ICT

KP44103 Project I

KP44303 Wireless and Mobile Computing

KP44503 Distributed Systems & Client-Server Programming

KP0xx03 Elective 2

Year 4 Sem 2

KP44203 Project II

KP44403 WAN Technology

KP44603 Network Management and Monitoring

KP0xx03 Elective 3

KP0xx03 Elective 4

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