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Course structure HC12 (Faculty and Programme courses only)

Year 1 Sem 1

IT11303 Internet Technology

IM11103 Fundamentals of Multimedia

Year 1 Sem 2

IT11103 Intro to Computer Programming

IT11203 Basic Mathematics

IT11403 Operation System

IM21103 Multimedia Design

Year 2 Sem 1

IT21103 Database Management System

IT21303 Discrete Mathematics

IM11203 E-Commerce

IM21203 Video Production


Year 2 Sem 2

IT21403 Statistic

IT21503 Object Oriented Programming

IT21603 Technopreneurship

IM21303 Animation


Year 3 Sem 1

IT21203 Data Structure

IT41103 Ethnics and Professionalism in Information Technology

IM31103 Human Computer Interaction

IM31203 Computer Graphic

IM31303 System Analysis and Design

IM31403 Multimedia Project Management

Year 3 Sem 2

IT31203 Management Information System

IM31702 Project 1

IM21403 Web Programming

IM31503 Advanced Multimedia

IM31603 Computer Communication Network


Year 4 Sem 1

IT30103 Current Topics and Issues

IM41304 Project  2

IM41103 Network Security and Management

IM41203 Distributed Multimedia System


Year 4 Sem 2

IM41412 Industrial Training

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