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Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours (E-Commerce)

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) (Business Computing) with Honours  is an undergraduate degree programme offered by Faculty of Computing and Informatics at Labuan International Campus. Students will be exposed with business computing operation through presentation tier, business tier and database access. This degree pogram will emphasises instruction in computer literacy, Business Computing web development, programming and internet marketing. This program follows the currents environment on business computing technologies.

Career Prospect

Graduates specialised in Mutlimedia Technology program has the opportunity to work as; computer animator, video speacialist, computer graphic designer, web designer, pragrammer, interface desginer, database desginer and interactive multimedia application developer.

Programme Objectives

  • To provide graduates with knowledge, principle and skill in E-Commerce either as preparation for research or for a career in the IT Field.
  • To prepare graduates who possess the ability to design, implement and manage IT solutions, resources and recognize the impact of technology on individual, organisations and society.
  • To equip graduates with entrepreneurship knowledge and skills by adapting and commercializing them into their work and product development.
  • To produce graduates who have communication, team, leadership and interpersonal skills and aware or social ethical and legal responsibility.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles and theories relating to e-commerce.
  • To apply theoretical principles and skills of e-commerce in relevant areas.
  • To communicate effectively with peers, clients, superiors and society at large.
  • To demonstrate professionalism, social and ethical considerations in accordance with ethic and legal principles.
  • To demonstrate teamwork, leadership, interpersonal and social skills.
  • To utilize relevant techniques and demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills in problem solving.
  • To apply skills and principles of lifelong learning in academic and career development.
  • To apply board business and real world perspectives daily and demonstrate entrepreneurial skill..

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