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Authors: Norizah Hashim and Nordaliela Mohd Rusli



The developments of SUKSIS UMS (Police Undergraduate Voluntary Corp of Universiti Malaysia Sabah) Information System (SUIS) were introduced in this project. The system will be needed to overcome the issues that arise in the SUKSIS UMS. The main problem faced by SUKSIS UMS is that they do not have a platform to introduce SUKSIS UMS to the students and public. This system is needed at UMS SUKSIS because existing system such as attendance records, calculation of allowances and leave application is handled manually by instructors of SUKSIS UMS. The project has three objectives namely to develop web-based information system for SUKSIS UMS to disseminate information about SUKSIS UMS, to display and to control the attendance information through the system and to provide training exemption application through online. Therefore, UMS SUKSIS Information System is required to overcome the shortcomings and improve the existing system. The system will provide the function that will make instructor and trainee of SUKSIS UMS works better and easy.