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Travel Deals: Apps For Travel Promotions

Authors: Messica Marylyne Donil and Norazlina Khamis


Travel Deals is a mobile application developed to serve as a deal-of-the-day recommendation services for prospective travelers. Its‟ provide an online coupon as well as electronic coupon which offered the best deals form various travel agent in Malaysia. On top of that, it is a hotspot where everyone can access and utilize it to spot fascinating places available in this country at their fingertips. One of the main purposes of this project is to help people who had dilemmas or difficulty to make a decision on where to take a trip or vacation. Aside from that, this application also helps promoting tour packages or special promotion packages that is developed by travel agencies to be broadcast or advertise on the application. Thus, Travel Deals is a middleman service that promotes interesting places or tourist attractions almost entirely around Malaysia. In this project, waterfall development methodology is used to develop Travel Deals. Based on the evaluation done among prospective users, it shows that Travel Deals is efficient and effective in order to help the user to search interesting places to travel. User also claims that, Travel Deals is a user friendly and easy to use.


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