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Authors: Ery Max Wilson Gibi and Aslina Baharum



Nowadays, people die and get infected with the disease called the Typhoid fever (TF). A disease that caused by bacterial infection and transmitted through contaminated food and water we eat. And the lack of public awareness of the general public to the danger of TF is the number one cause making the disease increasing as it today. The lack current mobile application of TF is adding to this problem. Matter of life and death
is solid motivation in doing this final year project. The aim is creating a mobile application for TF awareness. Other than that the objectives are identifying TyFever features and facilitates the development of GPS tracking for TF. The problem that this research is want to solve is how to increase the public awareness toward the danger of TF. Some of the current effort done today is the use of media such as television and
radio as a mean to increasing the public awareness but currently there is a no mobile application platform present to the public. This has proven detrimental to this endeavor. The project methodology are using Appreciative Inquiry specifically the 5D model will be used throughout the development from conceptualization to the finish application. So, in this research Appreciative Inquiry Model is used in developing a TF
awareness mobile application. The application will be develop for android based smart phone using Java programming language and Android Studio as its primary Integrated Development Environment (IDE).