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Authors: Lim Jen and Norazlina Khamis



The usage of UMS buses is undeniable as a lot of UMS students are using them as their mode of transportation back and fro around the campus. Students, instead of spending time to do some activities that are beneficial to them, they wait for buses with no clue whether the buses are on the way. Bus services provided by UMS are still implementing manual work which might compromises human errors. JPP have to standby all the time for coping with the emergency situations. Thus, with the development of the bus tracking application, this issue will be improved. System prototyping development methodology has been chosen as the system methodology which includes several phases. Analysis on the proposed project is done and requirements with more specific details are gathered. The system in implemented with better security as access user data permission is required to be implemented. Simulation generates random coordinates represent bus current locations which are detected on the map implemented. User current location can be seen as well on the map. Testing such as unit testing and integration testing is
carried out for the purpose of examine the project outcome is similar to the expected outcome.